Academic Department Descriptions

Student Success Center 


The Student Success Center provides academic support services, resources, and peer leadership opportunities for students. Our staff encourages, mentors, and guides students in their academic and personal development, including connecting students to appropriate resources on campus. We are here to help you succeed!

The Office of Advising and New Student Experience 


The Office of Academic Advising and New Student Experience offers students resources that complement a student’s academic journey at Saint Mary’s. Advising offers professional advising support to all students, regardless of major, standing, or status. These services can include goal setting, major and minor exploration, declaration, and changes, and degree planning. New Student Experience plays a significant part in preparing incoming students for their experience at Saint Mary’s academically and socially through New Student Orientation and Registration.


Learning Services 


Learning Services offers two free services to students: Peer Tutors and Peer Mentors. Peer Tutors cover most 100 and 200 level courses. Courses in the 300 and 400 level are covered when possible. Tutors can help you with course-specific needs: tough questions, clarifying and reviewing content, and specific study techniques for assessments. Peer Mentors can support you in a broad sense to help you be successful at the college level. They can teach you to utilize academic skills to support you across your courses: study strategies, note-taking strategies, study plans, reading strategies, and test-taking strategies. Peer Mentors are also available to help with life skills that can relate to and impact academics: time management, organization, and building better habits. 


Access Services 


Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota believes that disabilities are a valuable aspect of the diversity of our college community.  Access Service staff will meet with students to review disability information, discuss barriers, and determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations that provide equal access to students with disabilities.   Furthermore, the Access Service team strives to provide necessary tools, resources, and support for individuals with disabilities to help pursue their academic, personal, and professional goals.  We are committed to working with administrators, faculty, staff, and students to cultivate and foster an awareness of creating an inclusive environment for all individuals. We encourage and welcome any questions about accommodations and are eager to help you navigate your student experience.   

The Writing Centers


Even if you are an A+ writer, all students need writing support once they encounter unfamiliar writing assignments evaluated by new, higher standards.  Graduate and professional students can schedule an individual consultation with one of our writing experts over zoom, email, or phone to work through any writing task–from source synthesis in lit reviews to your writer’s block in your dissertation.  College students can also use our website to schedule an individual tutorial with a well-trained, expert peer writing tutor who will show you how to navigate the new assignments and more rigorous demands of writing assignments in college.  You can also take advantage of our workshops on everything from citation styles to resume writing.  Schedule an individual consultation on any writing assignment through our website, which is also recognized as an extraordinary storehouse of extensive writing resources.  Never write alone!  See you at the Writing Center. 


Career Services


Career Services provides programming, resources and support to help students with career-readiness and preparation for the workforce. These include help exploring majors, careers and employers, life-work planning; implementing specific job/internship strategies (including resume’s, interview preparation, networking and negotiation); or preparing to launch into your next phase as a new or seasoned professional. The Handshake career management system provides students access to employers, internships and employment opportunities and career related events to support your career search. The internship program provides students an opportunity to participate in carefully designed work experiences for credit to explore personal aptitudes, abilities, and interests in relation to their career choice. Students are encouraged to visit our office early and often wherever they are in their career path.